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History of Chocolate - Open day voucher

Induge your tastebuds

Chocoholics dream experience - Chocolate is one of the few thngs people cant resist - Take this opportunity to learn why!  Whether you prefer dark, milk or white, for a true chocohlic even thinking about it can bring a smile to your face.

This experience will let you in on some of the ancient knowledge and will give you an idea on how the process of chocolate making works.  You will savour the suble yet differnt tastes of chocolate made from cacoa beans from Africa, Asia and Europe.  This is a fun interactive experience that will help open your senses of tate, smell and feeling to what makes a truly superior chocolate.

To round off you will get the opportunity to select your own truffles to take home and enjoy.

This experience forms part of a group so you will have other participants with you.



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